Some People Prefer Horses......We Prefer Champions!

A few pictures....

Becky went to college and earned her Associates Degree for legal secretarial and started working for Dow Chemical in Michigan.  Along the way, she showed cats for 9 years under the name Ever-Eve Cattery with many prominent Regional and National wins and noted breeding contributions (first blue-tabby and white Exotic Shorthair Grand Champions, etc) with her last show/companion cat of 20+ years passing away only a few years ago (GR CH and GR PR Ever-Eve’s Vanilla Garilla).  She had always wanted a horse, so when she bought a couple of mini’s, her competiti
ve and breeding background from the cats carried over into the small horses.  She has always had fun and had set the standard in the miniature/pony performance industry for “style”.  She found her niche’ in training an
d driving performance horses.  She loves it and it shows!

Becky has been very successful in “running” races, marathons, biathlons and triathlons.  Tenacity and personal effort was a major part of the training schedule.  Becky and Jim were continually interviewed by local papers, as it was unusual to have a couple come into a race and both win their respective age groups, or the overall race.  They are both use to hard work and personal commitment to excellence.

Becky has been working at My Secret Garden’s Boutique as a fashion consultant and has been traveling and buying apparel for a number of years for the above Boutique.  It has
given her the opportunity to be in local fashion shows during the year.  She loves everything about fashion.  She has left the Boutique and is full-time on the farm again but will continue to go on buying trips for the store.

Raising EQUINE with
Charisma and Elegance

Snowberry Farm has come a long way since we entered our very first miniature horse show in 1995 and winning our first blue ribbons.  We were very specific on our search for the next several years - pedigree and conformation specific.  We have maintained this quality and scrutiny as we have grown and developed throughout the years producing show horses, usually a National Champion, year after year.  Jim created and Becky is now managing Snowberry Farm, adding barns and an arena along the way.  We are making every attempt to improve our breeding program with beauty and movement.  We’ve come a long way...and plan on going further.  Our showing has taken a back-seat to Jim’s judging opportunities.  Our breeding program is still at peak level and developing. Please view the Sales page.

A closer look.....


Jim comes from a competitive sports background, hockey, football, triathlon//biathlon, to name just a few.  He attended Ferris State College and earned a Bachelor Degree of Science focusing on criminal justice.  While in college he was fraternity president and dorm RA.  His path led him to California where he modeled for a few years, but came back to Michigan and worked at Dow Chemical’s Fitness facility as an exercise consultant.  Business and sales drew his attention where he has made a career in the Petroleum  sales industry.

Jim has a large R judges card for the Miniatures, Classics and the Moderns.  He has successfully groomed, trained, shown and has a quality breeding program in progress for all of the above breeds.   Jim has successfully judged our National Futurites, National Open Halter classes, Pony Congress and was invited to judge the Brussells Miniature Horse Nationals along with most of our US Area Shows.

He is also a respected miniature horse trimmer.  It has been said that he is one of the better corrective trimmers in the Michigan area.

In his spare time, he has developed a very successful solo show playing high energy music.    If you are ever in the area, Check Him Out!


Snowberry Farm Stallions - A small exquisite band of stallions that include new and old bloodlines.  Rhapsody, Establo, Cross Country, Rock E.  Some proven producers and some young new blood to use with our beautiful mares. - It is just beginning to get exciting!!!

Snowberry Farm Mares - A small exquisite band of broodmares has been cultivated from our showing career.  Grand Champions in halter and driving to cross with our new band of exciting stallions.  Some of the crosses have already been tried - we have five new breedings this year alone to improve our breeding program. - It is exciting!!!

Snowberry Farm Foals - Raising equine with charisma and elegance. Every year, producing National Top 10 and Champion quality.  Let one of our foals put you in the spot light.  All AMHR or ASPC registered.  i.e.  Snowberry Farm’s Drama Queen - Snowberry Farm’s Reign on my Purrade,  Snowberry Farm’s Glitter etc.

Snowberry Farm Facility - We have a show barn with 20 stalls built for the miniature along with a barn for breeding, foaling, pony stalls and a new indoor arena for year-round training.

Snowberry Farm Training - SBF provides drug-free halter and performance training for the miniature horse or pony, with National Champions and Top 10’s to our credit for clients, as well as, our horses.

Snowberry Farm Fun - Raising Equine with Charisma and Elegance - We try to keep the fun in showing, training and breeding.  We love what we do?  Call or e-mail!