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All foals are AMHR and/or ASPC Futurity Nominated and/or sustained-DNA tested.


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Snowberry Farm’s Caught in the Reign

Rhapsody's Painted by Reign x Rhapsody's Merry Madonna - 5/23/15 - Dark BAY "UNDER" GELDING (Measures 34") - AMHR/ASPC/Futurity Sustained - Amazing gelding - Besides being beautiful and exotic, he has the show attitude of a stallion but is a gelding. Guaranteed to catch every judge's eye. His movement is amazing. PM for exact details along with unclipped photos of true potential  $3000



Snowberry Farm’s All About Me

OFFERED: Snowberry Farm's All About Me (Skittles) - 5/25/17 - Sorrel Pinto Stallion - ASPC/Futurity Sustained - Snowberry Farm's A La Mode x Showman's Golden Acclamation 01 - I can't say enough about this beautiful boy - Farm favorite from day one - Extremely well bred - Very easy going - He has what it takes to excel in any show ring - And then add his color (his sire is shown above) - PM for More Details - Don't miss him! Gelding Price Available (would love to see him with Youth and/or Amateur-Happy) $1200


OFFERING: Snowberry Farms Magic Instant Karma - 4-12-18 - Black and White Filly - AMHR/ASPC/Foundation/Futurity - Rhapsody's Painted By Reign x Graham's Magic Mystery. This filly is the "real deal". She possesses the Beauty and the Power of her parents. She has a little tiny head, small muzzle, large eye and a fantastic hip and smooth body. Her motion is equal to her mother's. Graham's Magic Mystery is Congress GR CH Foundation Mare/2x Congress RES GR CH Foundation Driving Horse and AMHR National Res GR CH Halter Mare along with Multiple Champion Driving/Halter/Liberty wins. I predict her to follow in her mom's footsteps.   SOLD

Snowberry Farm’s A la Mode

4/24/2011 - AMHR/ASPC - Sorrel Pinto Stallion:  Establo Aztec (HOF) National and Futurity Champion himself and producer x Rhapsody’s Merry Madonna (who has outproduced with every foal) - A la Mode has only a few foals on the ground, but has out-produced himself every time.  VIP when owning a stallion.  Snowberry Farm’s Azzara (top show black filly), Snowberry Farms A la Kazam (silver pinto gelding) and Snowberry Farm’s All About Me (top show Sorrel Pinto colt - listed below).  We are such a small breeding farm that the stallions do not get used every year.  The only reason A la Mode does not have his HOF, we were showing client horses in his spot.  He has only been hand bred.  Please contact me for further information and price.  $2500

Snowberry Farm’s Atom Ant

Owned by:  Cynthia & Lauren Faas

Snowberry Farm’s Aztec Queen

Owned by:  Judy Middleton

Snowberry Farms Caught in the Reign

Owned by:  Snowberry Farm

Jim and I will continue to sell down as my complete ankle replacement settles into place and I am fully capable of walking and running the farm again.  I plan on training on a very limited basis.  We are still offering some exceptional young show prospects and have numerous top show foals due this year.  We are concentrating on producing the best moving horses with beautiful little heads, little ears and great conformation.  We are ecstatic with our results.  Snowberry Farm’s Drama Queen, Snowberry Farm’s Glitter, Snowberry Farms Reign on my Purrade to name a few.  Will share photos as soon as I can.

There are Many More photos of the sale horses on my FB timeline (either Becky McKeith or Snowberry Farm - Please enjoy)  -

Or contact me and I will email!

Snowberry Farm’s A La Kazam  Snowberry Farm’s A La Mode (Pictured above) x Graham’s Magic Mystery (HOF) (above) - 5/2/16 - Silver Bay “B” Gelding (Measures 37.5”) - AMHR/ASPC/Futurity Sustained - A fantastic Halter/Liberty prospect.

Al is looking for a special someone! He is very sensitive and requires someone that has time for one on one. He is a top notch halter gelding and can be top notch Liberty with the beauty of his father and motion of his mother. He was shown limited his yearling and 2 yr old year. Always placing high. He is not a child’s horse! With the right person the sky is the limit! Great chance for an experience amateur looking for a project horse that is high quality at project horse pricing. Contact us!  $500

OFFERED: Snowberry Farm’s Party Time - 1/1/18 - Sorrel Pinto Filly - AMHR/ASPC/Futurity Nominated - JC's Wild Time (Congress CH - own son of ZJs Windwalker and JCs Perky Peggy) x Irish Hill's Classical Love Song (grand parents: Wall Street Illusion Jazz Singer x Modern Hershey's Karamello) - A very early 2018 filly.  This mare is extremely well bred and will be your halter queen but her destiny will be driving. She will stay under 38". She has motion off all four, and is smart and willing. This mare walked in our winter parade and was phenomenal, nothing flustered her   $2500   PM for further details

OFFERED: Snowberry Farm’s Mercedez - 5/23/17 - Establo Jeronimo (arenosa) x Rhapsody's Merry Madonna (Philharmonic daughter) - AMHR/ASPC/Futurity Sustained - A beautiful refined mare with a bright future ahead of her. Tiny head, teacup muzzle, large eye, smooth bodied and good hip. Measures 33". These horses have had no official training, she is quick to learn and give. Mercedez has a lot more neck to give than shown. Super nice filly.  We have retained many sisters/brothers.  Offering her as an incredible deal  $1500    PM for details.


Graham’s Magic Mystery

(reference Mare)

Rhapsody’s Painted by Reign

(reference Stallion)

Will be offering a beautiful Vintage Jerald Vice-Roy.  Black Patent and Natural Wood.  Comes with two extra set of tires AND a complete Second shaft - One is Black and one is Natural Wood.   Also comes with set up for Team Driving.  Excellent Condition - It is like new except for the cover. Those old covers do not last.  I will include photo of me using with a 38” shetland.  Would easily work with any small Shetland or Miniature Horse   $4500 FIRM

Contact me - as soon as snow is gone, I will provide extensive photos.

Establo Jeronimo

(reference Stallion)

Caldwell’s Summer SunriseAMHR/ASPC – 6/5/15 – Black Pinto Mare – Graham’s Apollos King x Graham’s Windy – (37” – 2 GRCH, 32 pts) – I am proud to offer this great little mare. 



PURR-FECTIONFMF (Snowberry Farm’s Royal Purr-fection)AMHR/ASPC – 5/24/04 – Black Mare – The Duke of Royal Manor x The Cat’s Meow FMF - (Direct daughter of Georgetown’s Tom Cat (HOF)) – (38”) – I am proud to offer this amazing mare.  Copy of pedigree can be texted upon request.   She has produced three foals and is in Foal to Establo Jeronimo for an April 2019 foal.  First three foals:

Jeronimo is listed above as a reference stallion.  I can provide photos of the two fillies Jeronimo has produced here.  Jeronimo is sire of April 2019 foal - Foal For Sale

I SOLD - Mare is sold - April foal is not!