Snowberry Farm

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Welcome to Snowberry Farm, located in central Michigan, we raise, show and breed Miniature horses, Double-Registered miniatures and Shetlands (Foundation and Classic).  Snowberry Farm is a Michigan full-service miniature horse and small pony training and breeding facility.  The training center offers excellent professional and personal training for you and your miniature horse or small pony.

Raising EQUINE with

Charisma and Elegance

Our horses receive meticulous care - clean stalls every day, a 6 week worming program, in-house hoof trimming, and daily turn-out and handling.  Our horses tell it all: FIT - conditioned, healthy and happy.  Plan to visit us soon.

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Snowberry Farm

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Home of 2005, 2007 and 2011 Modern Performance Pony’s of the YEAR

Raising Equine with Charisma and Elegance

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